The Green and White Brigade!

Over the next decade evidence suggests that Cratloe's allegiance to Hurling started to take shape. In the 1901 Munster Championship Clare defeated Limerick and included on the winning side were three Cratlonian's - M. Ryan and two Donnellan's. These appear to be the club's first inter-county representatives. Tradition has it that in-fact three of the Donnellan brother's Tom, Jim and Jack hurled for 'The Banner' at the turn of the century.

It is doubtful that any club officers existed in the early 1900's. It seems all that was required was an enthusiast or two to field teams. In the 1910's and beyond the club's exploits were steered by the aforementioned Donnellan's and Tom O Brien of Woodroad. However in the aftermath of the civil war and the years since the lack of youthful bodies in the parish meant that the club closed shop for about four years from 1929 ~ 1933. With the break also went the colours that Cratloe had worn up to then.... a white outfit with a green sash! It is believed people like Tom Cherry were instrumental in replacing it with today's blue and white when the club re-grouped.

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