Player: Sean Collins

Nickname: Colly
Occupation: Sales Executive with Sourcedogg
Born: 1989
Height: 5 8
Weight: 13 stone
Honors: 1 Clare SHC, 1 Clare SBHC, 1 Clare IFC, 1 Clare U21A FC
Who were the biggest influences in your career?
Colm & Kate, Joe McGrath, Alan Neville
What player do you most admire and why?
Brendan Bugler - Honest and dedicated. Paul Galvin great footballer, Cratloe team mates give all for the club
Greatest moment in sport (any sport)?
Final whistle County Hurling final 2009
Other Favourite Sports?
Rugby and Soccer
Best Book or Film?
Old School and Donal Óg Cusack Autobiography
Best concert or gig you’ve ever attended?
The Corona's in the Milk Market Limerick 2011 (haven't been to many)
People you would most like to meet?
Dan Carter, Nate Robinson, Úna Healy
When I was a child I wanted to be...
Alan Shearer
Advice for young players?
Prepare well
Best GAA Memory outside of playing?
Homecoming from All-Ireland final this year
Any changes you’d make to the GAA?
Club finals played in August. Be nice to get paid too
Funny story from playing?
Mikey Hawes texting his girlfriend at half time in a championship match last year
Best motivational speech or saying?
Only free cheese is in a mouse trap!
One to watch...
Michael Danagher
Biggest Joker on the panel?
Derek Crowley
Worst Trainer?
Cathal Mc doesn't like the warm ups and warm downs!
Toughest opponent?
Donal O'Grady (Limerick)
Favourite Grounds?
Cusack Park
In ten years time I hope to be...
Married with kids and still playing with Cratloe

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