Player: Martin Oige Murphy

Nickname: Littlebotty, Mouse
Occupation: Employee at Syncreon Technology
Born: 1984
Height: 5.7 ft
Weight: 11.7 st
Honors: Senior Hurling 09, 2 x intermediate football, U21 B Hurling and a few underage titles
Who were the biggest influences in your career?
Family, Joe McGrath, Mike Deegan
What player do you most admire and why?
Barry Duggan, he is old and s*!t and still going!
Greatest moment in sport (any sport)?
Suppose personally 2009 but Clare 2013 was pretty special with 7 Cratloe lads involved.
Other Favourite Sports?
Gaelic Football/American Football/Athletics
Best Book or Film?
No Way Down Life and Death on K2 and any Ross O'C K books. Film John Q/Gladiator
Best concert or gig you’ve ever attended?
BDO Big Day Out in Melbourne 2013 with the RHCP and The Killers.
People you would most like to meet?
Any of the Victoria Secrets models.
When I was a child I wanted to be...
Eric Cantona.
Advice for young players?
Listen to your coaches and give it everything cause once its gone ,its gone
Best GAA Memory outside of playing?
The nights after big games.
Any changes you’d make to the GAA?
Get fit referees and better ones.
Funny story from playing?
I would have to go with Philip Gleesons story on his profile
Best motivational speech or saying?
"Give me the ball get ready to celebrate"
One to watch...
Sean Gallagher/Morgan Coughlan and alot of that age group
Biggest Joker on the panel?
Alot of contenders here but Sean Hayes probably
Worst Trainer?
Barry Gleeson/James Hickey
Toughest opponent?
Favourite Grounds?
Fitzgerald Stadium in Kerry
In ten years time I hope to be...
Filthy Rich

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